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Welcome To Thai Pimm Sampatt Co., LTD.

Serving Thailand since 1946.   We strive for customers’ satisfaction by maintaining our high standard of excellence in products and after-sales services. more about us

Laurel J-717
Laurel: J-717

Type:                               Friction

Speed (Notes/Min):       850/1250/1500

Max (Notes/Count):       300 Notes

Counterfeit Checking:   No

Dimension:                     282 X 233 X 190 mm.

Weight:                            6.5 Kg.


Type:                               Friction

Number of Pockets:      2

Speed (Notes/Min):       600/1000/1200/1500

Max Currencies:            Up to 10 Currencies

Max (Notes/Count):       500 Notes

Counterfeit Checking:   UV/MT/MG/IR

Dimension:                     280 x 269 x 261 mm.

Weight:                            8 Kg.

Laurel PV-30
Laurel: PV-30

Type:                               Vacuum

Speed (Notes/Min):       100 Notes/4 Second

Max (Notes/Count):       200 Notes

Counterfeit Checking:   None

Dimension:                     873 X 350 X 310 mm.

Weight:                            37 Kg.

Option:                             Auto Shutter

                                         PV-30S Only


Type:                               Semi Automatic

Strapping Speed:          2 second

Strapping Belt Width:   9-11 mm.

Dimension:                     405 x 325 x 800 mm.

Weight:                            31.5 Kg.

Roto S-300 SC-1

Throat width:                 240 mm.

Shred size:                     3.8 mm. (Straight-cut)

Paper capacity:             19-21 sheets

Media capacity:             CD/DVD/Credit cards

Dimension (WxDxH):     390x280x640 mm.


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