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Banknote Counter

Laurel: J-717
Laurel: J-717

Type:                                Friction

Speed (Notes/Min):       850/1250/1500

Max (Notes/Count):       300 Notes

Counterfeit Checking:   No

Dimension:                     282 X 233 X 190 mm.

Weight:                            6.5 Kg.

Laurel: J-787

Type:                               Friction

Speed (Notes/Min):      1000/1300/1500

Max (Notes/Count):       500 Notes

Counterfeit Checking:   UV/IR/AMG

Dimension:                     190 X 282 X 233 mm.

Weight:                            7 Kg.

Laurel: X8

Heavy duty, professional quality, high level authentication detection

  • Latest CIS sensor technology developed to recognize banknotes instantaneously

  • Enhanced and reliable counterfeit detection IR/UV/MG/FL

  • Multiple sorting modes

  • Simple and easy operation

  • Large color touch screen

  • Color Universal Design

  • Low noise volume

  • Easy maintenance

  • Self-cleaning function sensor

  • Highly selected components


  • Customer display

  • Printer

  • Serial number function

True-Trust: TBM-M1

Type:                               Vacuum

Speed (Notes/Min):       100 Notes/2.5 Second

Max (Notes/Count):       200 Notes

Counterfeit Checking:   No

Max (Notes/Count):       500 Notes

Dimension:                     260 X 260 X 250 mm.

Weight:                            19 Kg.

True-Trust: TBM-F1

Type:                               Vacuum

Speed (Notes/Min):      100 Notes/2.5 Second

Max (Notes/Count):      200 Notes

Counterfeit Checking:   No

Max (Notes/Count):       500 Notes

Dimension:                     260 X 260 X 750 mm.

Weight:                            32 Kg.

Laurel : PV-30

Type:                               Vacuum

Speed (Notes/Min):       100 Notes/4 Second

Max (Notes/Count):       200 Notes

Counterfeit Checking:   None

Option:                             Auto Shutter

                                         PV-30S Only

Dimension:                     873 X 350 X 310 mm.

Weight:                            37 Kg.

Laurel: K4/K8/K12

Number of Pockets:      4/8/12

Reject Pockets:             1

Speed:                            45,000Notes/Hour

                                        (THB Notes)

Max Currencies:            Up to

                                        4 Currencies

Option:                            RS-232C, Printer, LAN

Dimension:                    K4 700 X 700 X 400 mm.

                                        K8 700 X 960 X 400 mm.

                                        K12 730 X 1222 X 416 mm.

Weight:                           95/130/185 Kg.


Type:                               Friction

Number of Pockets:      2

Speed (Notes/Min):       600/1000/1200/1500

Max Currencies:            Up to 10 Currencies

Max (Notes/Count):       500 Notes

Counterfeit Checking:   UV/MT/MG/IR

Dimension:                     280 x 269 x 261 mm.

Weight:                            8 Kg.

Hitachi: iH-110

Key Features:

  • High-speed Image processing

  • Faster, Count mixed Cash at speed of 1300 notes per minute

  • Capture and Record of OCR, MICR and Barcode , 1000npm

  • Deposit full color Image

Easy User Experience:

  • 2 Teller Mode available

  • Multi User Mode available

  • Full Color Touch Screen

Advanced Counterfeit Detection:

  • Full line MG , UV, IR, 2 CIS sensors


iHUNTER: iH-110
SeeTech: ST-150(NF)

High-level                         Available up to 10 currencies

Multifunctional Sorter    Complete authentication

                                            High-level fitness sorting

                                            Accurate serial number


                                            Mix Currency and auto recognition

Fitness option (NF):        Stains,Limpness,Dog-ears, Tears,



Globalization:                   Multi language support

Communication:              LAN, USB, RS232C

Channel                             (External display, Thermal printer)


LAN, USB                                          

Hitachi ST-350 (Fitness Sorter) 

Key Features:

  • Practical multi-currency fitness sorter

  • Optimized for high performance

  • Sorts and authenticates banknotes with an unprecedented level of accuracy & security

  • Fitness sorting for holes, tears, dog-ears, tape, soil, stains, folded, de-inked banknotes, etc.

  • Continuous and uninterrupted sorting

  • Sorts & authenticates with a processing speed of 700 notes per minute

  • User Friendly functions

  • Easy control keys with GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • Easy maintenance

  • Easy upgrade with USB memory stick

  • Easy removal of jammed notes from opening top section

  • Easy cleaning & removal of dust from dust tray

  • 7" Full color graphic LCD display

  • High connectivity interfaces

    • LAN, USB, RS232C, USB PORT x 2, Video Out (15-pin-D-SUB)


  • Counterfeit Detection: Full Line Magnetic Sensor, IR Transmission Full Image, UV Reflection X4, Fluorescence X4

  • Dimension: 534(W) X 454(D) X 481(H) mm

  • Operation Speed: Value Counting 1000 notes/min, Fitness Sorting 700 notes/min, Serial Number Printout 500 notes/min

  • Capacity: Hopper 600notes, Stacker X3 200 notes, Reject Pocket 100 notes

  • Power Supply: 100~240V AC, Frequency 50/60Hz, Rated Current Max 1.2A

  • Operation Condition: Temperature 5~35C

  • Weight: Net: 47kg, Gross: 57kg

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